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Damn. I fucked up.

2008-06-29 13:26:09 by Timex247

turns out I fucked up... AGAIN. I lost the girl I love to a little know it all, faggot ass, bitch punk. That thinks he's cool cuz he pops bags of chips in the lunchroom... wtf?
He totally fucking cheats on her. But nobody is smart enough to tell her becuase this kid (Let's call him Travis) has a "gang" with just a bunch of wannabe/fat friends. I knew one of teh kids. He was an uber nerd...
So, I man up enough to tell her. This is what I get:

are you serious? Are you actually fucking serious? I'm not even that fat! Jesus fuck! So, after about a month of awkward presences, I start going near her by accident.
-sigh- "Damnit.. my pencil broke."
*I walk near here to get to teh pencil sharpener*
(Let's call her... Ashley, alright?)
She was cute. Not hot, just, cute. I like cute girls. not full blown porn-ish hot girls. Just... cute. And shy. Soo... when I try to tell her that Travis is cheating on her, she crys badly. Really.. really... badly. So, after feeling like a jackass. I e-mail and w/e.

So, a month later. On the last day of school. I'm not man enough to talk to her. She leaves on the last day of school. I never see her again. Now, 3 weeks into summer, I keep having these god damn wierd dreams of her.
So NG, pretty much, I fucked up.


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2008-06-29 14:01:45

Well... this "Ashley" person seems to be a bit... paranoid?
and as for this Travis bloke, would he be one of those people that are stupid as and can only play sports, If so I believe one good solid punch should do him good...

Timex247 responds:

Yeah. He gets like D's and F's.
he can fight. If he has "friends" near him.