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God, I'm so lonely.

2008-03-09 01:59:59 by Timex247

What pisses me off so fucking much, Is the major dis-respect fat people get. Yes, I am fat. But not that MAJOR fat. Just the kinda fat. Dubbed "Chubby"

But then every girl I try to ask out just rejects me. EVERY girl that is! EVERY!!!!

Guess hoy many times I've been rejected? 103!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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2008-03-09 03:36:52

go gay, date fat chicks, drink slimfast, go on the Jenny Craig diet. problem solved


2008-03-09 04:01:47

damn dude, why the fuck should you give a shit your 15 ive learned that relationships within your teen years wont matter later on, this might make me sound like a fag but its true. its happened to alot of my freinds they end up spending all of their time with a bitch and forget what they truly love. wasting your time on a bitch is stupid and will get you nowhere, so just say fuck it and figure out what you truly love to do and perfect whatever that is you will end up with a women later on and you'll be really fuckin good at whatever you love to do, for me it music but it could be anything. lol im ranting sorry


2008-03-09 04:08:22

Well you are probably using the wrong types of pick up lines. Tell me, how many of those rejections did you try out the 'nice shoes' line?


2008-03-27 22:35:04

Show a specific girl that you think is a nice girl that you have a good heart and you actually care for living things. Show her you have good qualities as a human being and your willing to understand her feelings if she were to talk about them.

The only hard thing in my opinion is finding a girl that isn't a slut, retard, f***tard (what I call a girl who has a different boyfriend every two or so weeks. Though the real definition of that word is somebody who is sexually retarded), or a Myspace addict. That being a girl who spends at least 60% of her time on Myspace when at home.

Just try to find a girl who's nice and doesn't hang out with the "cool kids". Where I live, the cool kids are the ones who smoke/drink or talk about how they banged some chick last night even though they're 12 or 13.

Hopefully this advice may help in the future, can't say I'm an expert on the subject.

By the way, your movie was cool. Just make it so their isn't constant shooting while somebody dies every 5 seconds. With all those shots, somebody has to die quicker than that. Also, leave less white background in any part of the movie. And make it more understandable everyone's fighting in the Flash or Audio Portal. They can enter them through a portal or something like that. Be creative.

Timex247 responds:

Thanks alot. Very constructive. and thanks for the movie reviews! But I don't think I'll be doing much of that for awhile....